About Us

Claire & MartyWelcome to Moss Clerks. 

My partner and I are part time biology students, we both work in local care homes in borders. We have started our journey with moss in early 2020. Since then we are growing it and collecting it. Growing mosses in our garden went through many tests and fails before we found a way for planting moss and keeping it alive. We are collecting moss from private homes and gardens, if the owners wants to get rid of moss, then we are there to collect it before the weed killer kills it. We manage to do a couple of clearances, I was working free of charge to collect moss from my care home grounds and roofs, as our maintenance man is very busy with keeping the home safe. 
Marcin Marty Ruta
Lately we managed to get a permission from local foresters to collect some moss from private land owners in the west of Scotland. Large areas of woodland will be cut down for timber, and  everything that is underneath will be simply destroyed and mixed by big machinery and left out to dry in the sun. 
So far we only went there once, as we don't drive ( yet ), and we also have our limitations with space in our garden. So please don't think we are taking tons of moss. Biggest collection was 4 bin bags so far. The midges are just literally everywhere and without proper form of cover they will make your day miserable. 
We are also using the moss for our research. We think that humans took for granted the oldest living plants. There is a reason why mosses survived all the great dyings. We hope we can reduce private home emissions by up to 50-75%.
You can read more about our research on our research page. 
If you have any questions about mosses, leave us a message through chat box or check our contact page.
You don't have to be our customer to ask for help. The more people will get involve in mosses the better. 
Money from sales is helping us to buy new equipment for research and hopefully moving closer to woodland one day.
So far we have got co2 meter, lux meter, compound microscope, set of lenses, goggles with lenses and flashlights, lab equipment and accessories, greenhouse, tools, moss related and accredited literature.
So a big thank you for everybody who had ever made a purchase from us, whether here or on our eBay and etsy stores ( MossClerks )
       We are also playing Pogo if somebody would like to join us on pogo walk or something.