Video of Moss Experiment coming on Sunday ( 05.09.21 )

On Sunday we will add short video about one of the experiments for anybody to perform it at home, with friends or as a science project!

Experiment will be about absorption of greenhouse gases by Moss.
We will be adding more videos and photos from research from now on, since I've finished my module, and new is starting in January we will have more time for fun!

Equipement needed:
- CO2 meter ( we will present it with cheap and fair model, available in range £20-30 ).
- Transparent Box with tight lid/top ( big enough for 1-10g of moss and meter to fit inside, at least 30cm x 10cm x 10cm )
- Source of CO2 ( smoke, your own breath, search for something that is safe and obtainable for yourself )
- Source of light
- Pen and paper
- Time

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