We will cover basic information of export in Scotland, import, pricing, time of delivery and certificates.


1. Export in Scotland.

To be able to export plant products from Scotland we must apply to the SASA for inspection, lab tests and site tests. 

All of our mosses passed lab tests, an inspection of our greenhouse was on 2.12.2021 as well as testing the sites from which we collected the moss. We are only collecting moss from areas that are due to be cut, and all remaining forest floor is then plough down. 

We are required to provide a Plant Passport with every sale we make. Whether it's our native UK or any other place in the world. So a label on a pack of moss "sustainably harvested" is not proof that it was actually collected with permission. Plant Passport is. After being able to issue Plant Passports, we passed an inspection for International Sale and we can apply for Phytosanitary Certificate now. 

Importing moss...


2. Importing Moss. 

As Importers, you guys have to check what diseases, critters etc are not eligible in your country. Then we will place that info on the application form for Phytosanitary Certificate. If our mosses have been tested for all things that your country is banning, obtaining PC will be faster, if our mosses needed to be tested for something that for example weren't tested before, we have to wait for lab tests and then obtain the PC, to let your Customs know that there is nothing ineligible in the consignment. 



*Prices for Phytosanitary Certificate.

The cost of a single PC is £40 for a consignment under £250. Above the price is £70. 

Sadly the prices are a big struggle for small businesses. For example, a big corporation that is exporting tons of timber will pay the same price for the PC as we have to. But to not discourage you guys, we will cover some costs for PC. Here is what we come up with.

Orders above £30 - We will cover 25% of PC costs. 

Orders above £80 - We will cover 50% of PC costs. 

Orders above £120 - We will cover 75% of PC costs.

Orders above £200 - We will cover 100% of PC costs. 


*Prices for Postage.

The postage cost will depend on weight solely. With an additional cost, you can require faster delivery.

We are sending with Royal Mail ( under 2kg ) and Parcelforce ( above 2kg). Updated pricing is available on their respective websites. 

Here is a link to Royal Mail...

Here is a link to Parcelforce...


4. Processing and delivery time.

Obtaining PC can last up to 2 weeks if further lab tests are needed. 

Delivery time for a standard international parcel on Royal Mail and Parcelforce is around 3-7 days. 

So from the day of purchase to the parcel being delivered, it can last from 5 to 21 days. In busy times of the year, like holidays, delivery time may be longer. 

You will be notified about :

  1. Order being received
  2. PC application form sent
  3. PC obtained
  4. Consignment fulfilled
  5. Parcel sent away

So you can track your order more easily. 

We don't pay the customs fee. It is individually priced for each country. 

To avoid additional costs, check your country's import fees. 


5. How to make an order?

Only through our website, There will be a separate Collection created, International Moss Orders. From there you can make your order, postage will be adjusted individually for this Collection. 


If you have any questions, leave us a message on our website or on Instagram @mossclerks or @themightymosss , or on Facebook @mossclerks. 


If you are a moss seller and you are not sure about the rules, if you're in Scotland, contact the SASA, if in other part of UK, search for a gov agency that deals with plant export and plant passports. 

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